My personality has always been to ask myself "What's next"? "What can I do better?". As you know, art is an endless moving piece that constantly changes and evolves. That is literally me! I get bored easily and that's why I always try to find what's the new cool thing out there and just include it into my work. But don't fool yourself because when I am not doing that, I like to spend hours in front of my computer playing "The Sims" (yes I am THAT kind of Millenial...), watch BRAVO shows (I'm probably one of the only french person who knows who Andy Cohen and Ramona are), and just walking around Paris shopping and sipping on my bubble tea.

I like to create, and imagine what's next
in the world of trends.

About Us

I like to create, and imagine what's next
in trends

A little backstory: when I was 7 years old I watched this little indie movie called "Jurassic Park" and decided I will be working in the movie industry. I thought to myself "I want to do what Spielberg does!". A few years later I applied to movie school, got in, specialized in production , and worked as an assistant director for a few years before moving up to production manager. But after awhile I decided this industry wasn't for me and quit. What would I do? Where would I go? Well, because my dad bought me my first camera when I was 10, I thought to myself "Maybe I could... photograph weddings?" So here I am today, talking to you! 

I thank life everyday for giving me the opportunity to have this job full time, especially because I get to meet so many wonderful people from all around the world! I've worked with Americans from 20 different states, Australians, French, British, Africans, Turkish, Italians, Koreans... And I can't wait to meet many more of you! 

"She connects with everybody on a personal level and it is just fun to hang out with her and shoot beautiful photos..."

I am here to make your wedding photographer dreams come true. My goal is to create the most beautiful Parisian memories. As your editorial wedding photographer, I will be following you during the most important day of your life, capturing the details of your wedding day in a poetic, natural and still spontaneous way. 

It's the little things that truly set us apart. I capture them all for you.

Photography is about "empathy". You have to stay discreet, but you also have to build that trust to be able to be in this room, during this moment.

Forever with you, our love's golden.

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